Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kombucha Week 1

My kombucha starter has been in the closet for 1 week today, and it made a floating blob! As far as I know, it's supposed to develop a film across the top that eventually develops into a disc, or the SCOBY... but nothing I do ever goes by the book. This Floaty Blob has the yeast legs that are naturally occurring in kombucha, so I'm thinking it's a good start.

It has also been pretty cold here recently. After a few beautiful, sunny days, we were betrayed this weekend with snow. Naturally, Nate and I both got colds. I think the cool temperature in the house may also be contributing to the SCOBY's slow growth, and I'm OK with that. Everything worth having is worth waiting for.

Sick, cold, and dreaming of warmer days, I ordered this new ice pop mold. My mother would scold me for spending so much money on it, but I'm becoming wary of plastic. I can't wait to push the ice pop envelope with unnerving recipes!

Finally, a photo of our stalwart Willis keeping an eye out for the dog:

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  1. Hi, Minna and Nathan,
    I saw Nathan's Mom at the library yesterday and she told me about your blog. It is awesome! I love the pictures. Looking forward to seeing more.
    -Phyllis (Lainie Touchton) Fekula