Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fresh to Death Yard

Being new to Western North Carolina, I don't really *get* the nectar flow dearth for honey bees. This is about a month around August when there are tons of flowers blooming, but the bees aren't bringing any nectar back to the hive. I don't know when this is ending, but I went in the bees today, and they're not drawing any comb or storing any nectar, so I guess it's still on. There is brood of all ages, so I'm queen-right, and probably at least 45lb of honey, so I hope they will survive the winter.

There's a picture of me pretending to know what I'm looking at in my discount beekeeper's outfit. Camouflage makes the bees less likely to see you, so you're less likely to get stung. Also, they're a lot like T-Rex (which is the same singular and plural, apparently) in that they can't see you if you don't move. #beelies

It's hot as farts out here, and hard to believe that winter is coming. True to form, Willis the cat doesn't give a crap:

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