Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Good Things, Bad Things

Fall arrived! The nights are cool and great (like me), and the days are more beautiful because you know the sun is about to take a major heat break. It's the final days for: bare chests, shorts, sandals, driving with the windows down, not taking a jacket to work, etc. I'm also from Florida. All my Finnish cold tolerance expired a long, long time ago. So I moved north to North Carolina! Great idea!

At right: Scoot along, Rebecca! She is our friendliest chicken, who didn't make it into the chicken coop one time last week because she stuck around the yard too long waiting for corn. Nate found her by the gate cowering. Chickens have really bad vision when it gets dark, so she probably just panicked and hid. But look at her go in the sunshine!

At left: Nate got more chicken time than he bargained for when he brought corn out to the yard! Those chickens would do just about anything for corn. They made a toddler cry by jumping up and grabbing corn out of his hand. They killed a guy who had corn.

Cute babies alert! Out of each batch of baby bunnies we always get a stout little explorer sweetie whom we like to call "Romperstomp." He is the first one with his eyes open, plummeting out of the nest box looking for the life-giving teat. We had a little tragedy with our newest Romperstomp, however, when he got his leg caught in the wire cage two days ago, flipped out, and broke it in the struggle. We put him back with the others to see how he would fare, and he seems to be scooting along with the others. Who knows, it may not be broken! Scooter might live a good life. We are keeping an eye on him though, and if he starts struggling then we will reevaluate.

But holy moley check out this egg that one of the girls laid! It was probably Nathan (the chicken), because she has a strong history of laying double-yolk eggs, and this was definitely one of those. Look at that thing, towering over all the other eggs like it's Dubai.
And the ducks got so big! Bunch of naggy biggies in the yard. Napoleon turned out to be the drake... his head got way bigger and his bill is a little bit yellower. Plus he's not as naggy. He's got a soft little submissive quack, and the ladies just waddle around telling him to get a job.

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