Sunday, September 16, 2012

Moving Time and I'm Blogging!

Don't tell Nate that I'm blogging instead of packing! It's a secret between you and me, internet, and you'll never tell.

Our new home in the backwoods boasts a fun wildlife population (I had to write that word 3 times because I kept writing "poopulation"). One of our new wild buddies is the ENORMOUS PRAYING MANTIS, pictured left. I'm looking forward to a home life of wigging out a lot.
It's really a crazy life twist and a huge blessing that we get to live in what is one of the most beautiful places that I've ever seen. 125 acres of mountain farm land, that includes 4 cow pastures and 9 cows, one of which is a Texas Longhorn. I had the distinct pleasure of feeding one of the Black Angus cows some apple the other day. The hot, thick, rough tongue slurping up that apple was weird and funny. I wonder if adulthood is when you stop describing things as weird/funny? If so, forget it!

"Minna, you accidentally posted pictures of the Versailles gardens instead of the farm you're moving to." Actually, no I didn't! I'm just the luckiest person in the world! Nate has done a doozie of a job getting a huge chunk of this land mowed enough for it to be easy to get around on the four-wheeler. I'm glad the four-wheeler is so loud that Nate can't hear me yell, "AAaaaAAUUGH while I'm driving it.
If you go down this pasture pictured left, and drive a wooded path straight and then another one to the left, you will get to what will become my new bee yard! It is the most beautiful bee yard in the world, and it will soon boast the most beautiful and healthy honey bees. Nate and I worked on a level and sturdy hive stand yesterday, because the last thing I want is for my hives to topple over. We had to drag lumber and tools out in the four-wheeler trailer, and it made me appreciate the bee yard I'm leaving behind. I could just sashay-chantay right out to the yard with an iced tea in my hand, no big deal. I'm not looking back though; this new bee yard is surrounded by goldenrod in full bloom, and the ladies are going to poop their striped pants when they see it.

I wish some of these pictures of the cow pastures also featured some cows, but I guess they were out hoofing somewhere else that day. They get around.  And below, an obligatory mountain shot! The glory! Stay tuned for pictures of the bee yard, the longhorn, and maybe some other weird and funny animals that stray out of the woods to say hi!

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